Surprise! Big News!

So what’s the deal with As Told By Destiny?

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. No, I didn’t stop writing. And no, I’m not pregnant. lol.

So, where have I been?  I still been plottin’ on the low. Schemin’ on the low. *Drake voice*

No, seriously… *drum roll* I am officially relaunching “As Told By Destiny” under a new name and domain very, very soon and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I’ve been working so hard and going back and forth in my mind about it for some time now and I think it’s time!

Hopefully, you guys are just as excited about it as I am!

Why are you relaunching?

Well, this is my way of stepping out on faith and manifesting my brand as a blogger. It’s me taking the necessary steps and strides to become the writer I’ve imagined myself as. Lastly, it’s me exploring my options and seeing what I’m made of. It’s time for me to get serious and this is the first step! I know it won’t be easy, but I know it’ll be worth it.

Currently: Chasing My 20s…

chasing-destiny-5Some of you know how challenging my early 20s have been, especially my 23rd year. Some days I feel like I’m ahead and on top of the game and other days I feel like my 20s are stampeding over me with no remorse. ATBD will always have my heart, but sometimes you just have to pick up the pieces and find a new path.

That’s why I’m inviting all of you to chase my 20s with me!

Thank you ALL so much for your constant support and kind, encouraging words. It really means the world to me.

Check back here December 31st, 2016 for the official link to my new site! Eeeek!

P.S. I may post one or two more times here before the relaunch! Stay tuned!

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The Law of Attraction.

dsc_0135-1“You are what you attract.”

I used to get so offended by this phrase for the simple fact that I was in denial of its accuracy. It’s true! We are what we attract! The vibes we put out into the world are the same vibes we receive. It’s really simple.

Look at it like this…

If you think negative thoughts, you’ll eventually act on those negative thoughts and/or actions. You’re responsible for your actions, and your actions typically go hand-in-hand with your character. Yes?

I used to wonder why I would attract these broken souls, fixer-upper’s, and other varying personality types that weren’t quite on my level, but good enough to make me feel adequate.

Deep, right?

It seemed as though I attracted those doing “worse” than me solely to make me feel like I was doing something special with my life. When in reality, I wasn’t doing anything super magnificent; I was just doing a tad bit better than that particular person.

I would then blame it on my “purpose in life.” I was convinced that God was forcing me to cross paths with these people because it was my purpose to help them out of bad situations and send them on their way. No one could tell me otherwise. No one.

I’ve realized now that it was simply me being afraid of my potential, settling for someone I didn’t quite feel intimidated by, all while falsely being the intimidator.

Talk about crazy!

I was attracting broken souls because I, too, was broken. 

dsc_0140-1-1I’ve known deep down in my heart-of-hearts for some time now that I deserve better than what I’ve found myself interested in. I’ve just never really taken the initiative to “level up,” if you will.

“You’re young. You have time,” they say.

Truth be told, I feel like my life is passing me by. I’ve watched my friends graduate college, take off, explore new regions and take on adventures I’ve only dreamed of. Every day it seems like we’re in a new season and I have yet to accomplish any of my goals. Every family function I’m being bombarded with questions about what I’m doing, where I plan to go, what I plan to do and I literally have nothing else to say besides, “I’m working on it.”

I’ve been “working on it” for quite some time now, and even I’M tired of hearing those lackluster words spill from my mouth.

Anyways, I am now consciously aware of my worth,  my qualifications and what I currently bring to the table, as well as the glorious assets I have the potential to bring. dsc_0086-1

I say all of this to say, I don’t need to be with someone I have to push, baby, and/or spoon feed out of a troubling situation just to solidify my own insecurities. So many times I would find myself digging people out of holes all while allowing myself to sink right along with them due to my own fears.

Newsflash: I’m done fixing people up. I’m done being afraid of my potential. I’m done holding myself back by wallowing in my own fears and insecurities.

It’s time to first focus on my priorities in life, and then wait for the person riding the same wavelength as I to come along.

I’m not saying I want a finished product by any means because…look at me, but I do want a solid foundation to work with, and I know that isn’t too much to ask for.

So, yeah…cheers to becoming the greatness I want to attract, getting my life together…again, and actually being serious this time.

QOTD: Who are you attracting? 


Logging Out.

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Sunday, July 24th, I spontaneously decided that I was fed up with social media and logged out of my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat accounts. I can’t really explain what triggered it, but it was certainly a breaking point of some sort.

So, what influenced me to make this decision? Honestly, I was just tired.

I was tired of feeling like I owed my friends and followers my time and attention. I was tired of coming home just to waste hours catching up on social media after work and not spending any time on or for myself, my life, my goals and my personal needs.

macbook-pro-and-iphone-createherstockI was so consumed in what other people were doing that I couldn’t generate the time to figure out what I was doing. I didn’t want everyone else’s daily life to become my daily life. I wanted to focus less on what other people had going on and more on what I needed to do to get things going for ME.

Makes sense, right?

Surprisingly, I didn’t really care to check any of my accounts. It wasn’t until the weekend came that I missed Snapchat just a teeny bit, but even then it felt good to not want to pick up my phone and capture every little thing going on around me. Not to mention my iPhone battery lasted way longer (lol). DSC_0308.1

It was truly one of the most peaceful weeks I’ve had in forever.

The idea of not seeing notifications every time I scrolled to my designated social media folder was like a breath of fresh air. I would definitely recommend a social media cleanse to anyone needing to get focused, find peace or just seeking a cleanse in general.

It was also a pretty good feeling to know nobody knew where I was, who I was with, or what I was doing. Yes, I have the ability to control that whether I’m on social media or not, but just the idea of being completely detached from everyone, except those I speak with daily, was amazing.

Whether we realize it or not, the things we consume ourselves with daily play a huge role in how we think, feel and react to other situations. If everyone on your Facebook page is sharing or venting about something negative, you may find yourself unknowingly and unexplainably carrying that same burden or anger.

create-her-stock-office-beauty4In that one week away from social media, I spent a lot of time reading my Bible, writing out ideas for my next book, thinking, meditating and mapping out my life plan. I set new goals, I accomplished two short-term goals, I got my hair dyed red and I finally decided to take my beloved Marilyn Monroe lip piercing out after five long years.

Needless to say, the time I took away from social media helped me realize that I’m just as capable of getting through my fits of boredom by entertaining myself with productive, beneficial things, as I am when I decide to spend hours on social media interacting with people I hardly know.

So…when’s the last time you’ve logged out?


The Breakthrough: Change Is Coming.

I’ve been up and down, and in and out with everything in life lately…and I just recently found my way out of these struggles. So, I’m finally telling y’all alllllll about it.

One of the MAIN things I’ve been struggling with is my relationship with God, and the lack of consistency and discipline I have when it comes to truly and fully fulfilling that relationship. Sometimes I’m ready, sometimes I’m not. It’s almost as if I’m afraid I’ll let Him down, when in reality I know that’s not the case. I know He isn’t judging me and I know He’s glad I’m trying, but I’m starting to reach the point where I know I’m not trying hard enough and it’s really bothering me. The least I can do is give my all to the man who constantly see’s me through some of the toughest times of my life.

With that being said, I’ve also been thinking about the people in my life who assume their struggles are greater than mine solely because I don’t speak on them. This in particular has been really exhausting for me these past few months because although I don’t speak on everything I’m going through directly, I too reach some pretty low points. Everyone always assumes because I’m always smiling, laughing or hanging out somewhere, that everything is amazing. I can’t fault anyone for thinking that because anyone looking in from the outside truly wouldn’t know.

HOWEVER…just because you’re on Facebook stressing out about getting evicted from your apartment doesn’t mean I’m not writing a suicide letter to my family on the back of my eviction notice. Just because your car is fucked up and I’m driving mine doesn’t mean I’m up to date on my car payments. It could very well mean I’m always out and about because I’m dodging the repo man. You never know what a person is dealing with or going through when you carelessly place your struggles above theirs. Telling a person who may be one pill away from OD’ing as they make one last attempt to save themselves something like, “I don’t need this right now,” as if they need this right now…could literally be the straw that breaks the camels back. That’s some scary shit, huh? Please don’t assume someone isn’t having similar issues simply because they don’t deal with them the same way you do.

So anyways, all of these feelings, thoughts and situations have led me to sever ties with the associated parties. In the back of our minds I’m pretty sure we know something or someone isn’t the best for us, but we tough it out anyway just to see if maybe things will work themselves out…(don’t ask me why). Instead of trusting our gut, we often rely on our heightened emotions to answer questions we already know the answers to. I’m still working on seeing things with a clear, detached mind, but it’s hard. I won’t lie.

So while I’m having this mini mental breakdown I’m thinking of all the people I can call or text to vent to…and I realize no one really knows the depths of me like that. That in itself bothered me. I have maybe one or two people who truly know all I struggle with, and even then, sometimes their consolation isn’t good enough. That was when it hit me, really, that I need to get things right with God. There are certain feelings and emotions that only a faith-fed relationship with God can heal and replenish; nobody else.

So finally, I reach this thing I call a breakthrough. After I cry, scream and pray that God removes this black cloud from above my head, I  finally reach this level of understanding within myself. I feel this “emptiness” because my spirit is also empty. I’m drained. I’m exhausted; I’m literally empty. I couldn’t write, I wasn’t inspired, my moods were insanely unpredictable, and I literally had nothing to give myself. It was a horrible feeling. So like I said, I’ve been straddling the fence with some things for a few months now, but I never want to stray so far away that I begin to feel the way I felt again.

Hold on. Change is coming.

Self-Love Series: Self Reflections

img_7978I’ve been called “weird” my entire life. I used to think it was a bad thing. I definitely considered myself an outcast of some sort, but not because I was “weird” like people said. I considered myself an outcast because I knew I was different. I won’t lie…I remember trying many, many times to be like the people I considered popular or fun, but for some reason it just never worked out for me. Each time I tried, I never felt like ME. I drifted in and out of different friendships and activities that came along with them, but ultimately always retreated back to the happy place I called home. I was young, but still very aware that it was impossible to be someone I knew I would never be.

When I got to high school it finally registered to me that I was just…different. What most kids my age were into, I found myself interested in the opposite, or just not quite there yet. There was a quote I used to post on my social media often that said something about it being harder to pretend to be someone you weren’t vs. being accepted for exactly who you are. It’s still something I live by. Do y’all know how hard it is to put on a show for people who don’t really give a fuck anyway? Like, you literally sit at home pondering on how you’re going to act at school or work or wherever the next day and nobody cares! It does you no good to spend so much time reflecting on what other people think of you when you don’t even know what you think of yourself!

Everyone tells me I’m different now. It’s never “weird” anymore, but I never cared either way. I would much rather be comfortable in my skin at all times than to constantly hide behind a mask that will never fulfill ME. At the end of the day, if you can’t be happy with who you are, you’re living your life all wrong. The people you’re pretending for are at home happily living their lives and carrying on while you’re still struggling to keep up with something or someone you aren’t.

Okay, so when it’s all said and done and your audience still doesn’t like you, what’s next? What’s left of you? A broken, confused, unaware individual, right? All you have to show now is time wasted. Oh, and the shattered, misplaced pieces of the masterpiece that is YOU, that you’ve been afraid to showcase this entire time.

il_fullxfull.426672545_hc47_1024x1024Knowing and accepting who you are is a HUGE part of the self-love journey. When you’re unsure of yourself, it’s easy to allow other people to mold you into who they think you should be. It’s easy to crack when you’re putting on a show for everyone, including yourself. When you’re secure, it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to alter the way you operate. You stick to your guns, your faith is strong and you know what YOU would, wouldn’t, can or can’t do. You don’t have that self control or security when you’re pretending to be someone else.

There isn’t one thing a person could possibly do or say to make me question the sincerity of my actions or the genuinity of who I am and the things I do. The biggest part of being who you are is recognizing that we ALL have flaws. Not only that, but we also ALL have the option to settle within our flawed comfort zones or take a risk and battle them. How else do you learn how to ride a bike without first becoming acquainted with the concrete? It’s all a learning and growing process, and it’s not always fun or easy, but it’s worth it when you can finally pedal down your driveway in peace knowing those training wheels are no longer there and it’s ALL YOU.

When you get in touch with your spirit and allow God to lead you places you would’ve never been able to lead yourself, you’ll finally feel this peace I’m talking about. I didn’t really believe it was possible to feel so “at peace” until I really began to listen to the signs God kept sending me about certain people and situations in my life. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to write our own story that we forget it’s already written, and all we have to do is follow our leader. After all, He is the only person who can judge us…

All in all,  I’m really just saying that we have to trust the process.  It’s okay to explore yourself,  it’s okay to be uncertain,  but it’s not okay to live your life for other people or as other people.  You’re the only person who knows what it takes to get to the level of self-love and security it takes to be happy,  so free yourself of society’s opinions,  explore yourself,  and most of all,  be happy!  ❤


Self-Love Series: A Phenomenal You

img_7978I’ve been thinking a lot about my past experiences, and I’ve come to a pretty alarming realization about the way a large amount of us live our lives.

Why is it that we get so wrapped up in being such a phenomenal man or woman to everyone except ourselves, and more importantly, God?!

Why are we constantly striving to prove ourselves to people who don’t care or MATTER?

After asking myself these same questions, it finally hit me that we’re ALL seeking something we have yet to find within ourselves. The love, affection and nourishment we give (or try to give) to others seems to be that very same thing we’re lacking within.

It’s not until you’re getting ready for bed, watching your favorite movie or third-wheeling it with your married friends that you begin to wonder why you’ve been unable to reciprocate from the limitless efforts you’ve put into securing someone else’s every need while yours remain untouched or unnoticed.

It doesn’t really make sense, right? How are we able to give something we don’t really actually possess within? 170-DSC_0471.1Well…just because we haven’t recognized or perfected our own self-love doesn’t mean we’re incapable of expressing it to someone else. Obviously it’s possible to love and care for someone, but it doesn’t mean you’re doing it right, OR that the way you’re giving/showing it is healthy. Moreover, it just means the opportunity to better yourself (myself too) is present, but we’re too busy pouring the necessary energy into everything other than what’s needed to become a better US!

Alright, now that we know what we’re doing wrong…what’s the solution?

I mean…sometimes you just have to be selfish. It’s really that simple. You deserve that much. After all, it is your soul and mental health you’re putting at risk. And don’t you dare feel bad for being selfish with whom you choose to allow into your heart or mental space!

DSC_0214I’ll say it again. It’s okay to be selfish! Being selfish with your mind, body & soul is so very necessary when you’re struggling to find and/or rekindle the light that has been dimmed by so many people who couldn’t or wouldn’t recognize the gem they had while it was glowing up.

I’ve gone soul searching a few times and each time I discover something new about myself. More importantly, I’ve learned that it’s okay to be lost, insecure or uncertain about the things that happen in life as long as you’re using those same lessons and insecurities to build your personal empire and/or learn something new about YOU!

With that being said, continue your glow up! Continue to feed your spirit, your soul and your mind with an unsurmountable amount of love and positivity, because at the end of the day, that positive spirit is what lives on to inspire people who are seeking the very same things we all once were, or still are.

Self-Love Series: Positive Vibes Only

img_7978I really, truly feel like my generation is the generation of negativity and lost souls.

To know yourself is to love yourself. I can only imagine how fulfilling it must be to truly be secure in yourself and everything you do.

I think the first step to truly getting to know and love yourself is eliminating any and all energies that don’t bring you positive vibes. I’m a HUGE advocate for positive vibes, positive energies and everything else that may fall in the positivity arena. Even on a bad day, I know the people I’ve chosen to surround myself with have positive things to say about the worst situations and that’s exactly what a great majority of us need in our lives.

That leads me to my next point, which is surrounding yourself with an amazing support system. The saying, “you are the company you keep,” is the honest to God truth. After so long, the company you keep will begin to rub off on you, and if they’re not going in the direction you’ve mapped out for yourself, all they’re going to do is distract you and set you back. Trust me. I’ve had people attempt to shoot me down after realizing my personal growth was surpassing theirs. Even if it hurts and offends some people, you have to rid yourself of all negative energies. True friends will understand your desire for change and attempt to rise with you, while a devil in disguise will tell you you’re trippin, you’ve changed, or you suddenly think you’re “too good.”

DON’T fall for it and DON’T feel bad for wanting more out of life or for growing into the person you need to be to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

92HFinally, God is the foundation for seeking and reaching this untouchable level of positivity. Trusting in what He has in store for you is a sure way to obtain a level of confidence you may be struggling to discover. Once you really allow God to order your steps and lead the way for you, your relationships and your endeavors, positivity will continuously flow through your spirit. You won’t just feel or speak of this “positive vibes only” motto, you’ll be living it! All you have to do is trust Him!

Life Update: Soul Searching, Moving Out & Church!

I’ve been thinking a lot about life and what my expectations are in general, from myself and others, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I want success, growth and positivity for myself before I’m able to accept it from anyone else.

Just to elaborate on that a little more, I want to reach my full potential or at least get majority of the growing process out of the way before I consider bringing another (possibly lost) soul into the equation. I don’t even want to fix my mouth to request so much from someone without them having the slightest idea of how to provide those particular things for themselves, (let alone for ME). That typically only results in us being lost and undeveloped together…and we can do bad all by ourselves. That isn’t saying it’s impossible to grow together and guide one another to our personal goals and desires (because it’s surely possible), but I think it’s so much more effective (relationship-wise) to be developed individually vs. risking hurting someone in the process of growing and loving that particular person more than you’re able to grow and love yourself.

It’s WAY too easy to lose yourself that way. That’s exactly how people end up lost and unsure of themselves after a lengthy relationship where majority of it was spent pouring into everything else but themselves. I refuse to be that lost soul.

As for being patient, I’m still working on that. I obviously have a long way to go, but it’s not something I’m complaining about. There’s always beauty in the struggle and it’s nice to see growth in a place I’ve struggled with for what seems like my entire life. In that, I’m learning to react to things slower, and less irrationally. I think that’s also a sign of maturity, which is exciting. (lol).

Oh yeah, surprise!  *throws confetti*

I finally moved out of my mother’s house after returning from college two years ago. Crazy enough, I don’t feel as independent as I imagined I would. For the most part, it’s pretty boring. I’m really just hype about decorating and gaining the skills I need to “adult.” I CAN say having my own place isn’t the same as having my own place in college. Probably because I had a roommate the entire time, and when she wasn’t there I was still surrounded by my friends in nearby complexes. Overall, it’s cool I guess. lol. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it in a few months.

Another surprise!

I went to church today after not going for a while, and it was really fulfilling surprisingly. So what did I grasp from today? Well, basically I learned that God makes no mistakes and Jesus never fails. We can’t walk by sight and expect the same results as if we were to walk by faith, as we should. Also, everything isn’t to be made sense of. God orders our steps accordingly; nothing is a surprise or coincidence to Him. We have to do as we’re told and stop trying to make choices based off what’s happening around us, or what makes the most sense. Lastly, Ruth was redeemed by Boaz as we’re constantly redeemed by God. Even when we’re constantly sinning and seem to be completely worthless, He redeems us and reminds us that we are worthy of His redemption, flaws and all.

Ending this rant…

I think I’m currently experiencing the urge to explore and liberate myself. So, I will. Knowing exactly who I am is imperative to allowing someone else to learn and grasp my personality. Not only that, but figuring out what I want, need and desire for MYSELF will help me reach my highest point in life. Self discovery is the blueprint for the masterpiece that is me. There’s always beauty in the chaos…you just have to find it. My search begins today!

Self-Love Series: Know Your Worth

img_7978What we deal with or allow is usually a reflection of what we think of ourselves. You wouldn’t willingly let someone side swipe your fancy BMW or Range Rover because you know it’s worth thousands, right? You’ve put so much time, money and energy into being able to afford it so you’re going to do your best to cherish and care for it. So…why let someone damage your heart or self-esteem? Is it not worth more than that glistening piece of fiber glass? Seriously. Why not put as much time, energy and love into cherishing yourself as you do others or material things that can all be snatched away from us at any given moment?

It’s definitely something to think about.

“Have you ever loved somebody so much that you went against the right things that you should do? Then it’s time to make a change.” – Destiny’s Child (Bad Habit)

I know I’ve put other people and things before my own mental and emotional health. After so long, I finally came to realize that I can’t be who I’m destined to be if I’m not living up to my full potential due to allowing different people and situations to take from my worth. Stand for more than the bare minimum. Stop allowing and praising mediocre results. You’re not mediocre (and neither is your BMW) so don’t settle for anything less than the best…in anything.

Don’t allow people to mistreat you, take advantage of you, or abuse your sincerity. Most times you have to TEACH people how to treat you. You set the standard for what you endure from a person. Treat yourself just as amazing as you want others to. And finally, don’t willingly allow someone to hurt you simply because they don’t know or respect your worth.

Tell em’ to put some respek on yo name!!!!

Monday’s Madness.

Today has literally been the worst day for me. Every emotion I have has been tampered with and I’m really just not here for it. I don’t know how deep this Mercury Retrograde shit goes, but I’m starting to believe it’s responsible for today’s series of events.

Where do I even begin?

Oh, with the dream I had about someone I guess you could say I fucked up with. Yep, let’s start there. It was him and his daughter…but I don’t remember what happened. I just remember waking up with them on my mind. I mean, considering the circumstances, I’d rather not start my morning thinking of what can’t really be fixed. You know? So I’m already thinking my morning is “so so.”

Then, I’m driving to work and I get a phone call. I already knew who it was because I just knew…but what’s really crazy is…the phone call was regarding something I planned on addressing later in the day. And no, it wasn’t the best news to hear on top of dreaming about someone I care about, (but can’t seem to communicate with), but it wasn’t “bad” news either. It was really an optional, open-floor type situation. So now I’m weighing the pro’s and con’s of this phone call…trying to figure out if I should be patient (cuz y’all know I’m working on that) and grant their request, or just do what I think is beneficial to my needs.

This is all happening before 8:30 AM, mind you. So I’m sitting in line at ChickFilA for breakfast stressed the hell out like how is my day already kicking my ass like this and I haven’t even been awake for three hours yet? Lol. But for real…

I get to work and we’re busy as HELL. (I work at a bank for those who don’t know, and it’s the first of the month so, yeah.) At this point, I still haven’t returned the call with my final decision from this morning and from the looks of how hectic work is, I won’t be able to. So now I’m going back and forth with my mom trying to get things situated and it’s literally impossible. I’m starving, my heart is heavy, my mind is everywhere and I’m trying to keep a smiling face while I’m at work so I don’t have more problems!

It’s lunch time now…I get a text from my cousin…about the same person I dreamed about. Like no, no, no. I don’t need this right now. I’m already stressed out about life…my heart is already in pieces and now this? (Yes, I’m being dramatic. Fight me.) So I’m tripping out like are you serious? Is this really happening to me right now? This person obviously has me fucked up. I’m waiting on her to text me back about it, but she’s taking ALL DAY. (Or it felt like it at least.) I’m like girl, you can’t start a fire and leave! WTF. My lunch break is an hour. I’m back at chickfila, still haven’t gotten in touch with the people from the phone call and NOW I’m anxious to know what my cousin has to tell me.

The next thing I know I’m driving back to work and tears are coming out. Like what…the fuck? lol. I don’t even know why I’m crying! Finally, my cousin tells me what it is as I’m walking back into work. It wasn’t bad, at all. So I realize this nigga still has me fucked up, but not all the way fucked up. lol. So that’s great. Good news. Thankfully the situation I couldn’t handle earlier is finally handled, I’m back at work, things have slowed down and yeah, the day is looking up.


My boss hits us with the “meeting after work” line and I’m not really thinking the worst, but…at the same time I am thinking the worst. Nobody knows what’s going on so we’re all feeling some type of way about this meeting. Come to find out, my boss is leaving us! Oh wow, that’s really great! (Sarcasm). We ALL had this amazing boss-employee connection and now it’s gone!!!! Like, why must these emotional beatings hit me back-to-back like this? At this point my mood isn’t completely ruined again, but it’s still a little shaky.

I get home and start doing research on this Mercury Retrograde thing. You know…cuz clearly my life is in shambles right now and I need answers. lol. So I bring it up to some people and the first person to respond takes it a WHOLE other direction. I’m irritated instantly because that’s not what I asked…lol. Like no, stop. So then they take my lack of interest as lack of knowledge and that pisses me off even more. No, I’m not incompetent nor am I oblivious to the statement(s) being made…I’m not INTERESTED. I don’t want to hear that shit when that’s not what I asked!!! Stop trying to redirect my thought process! I can’t stand that!

Again, vibe killed. More frustrated tears. (And no, I’m not about to start my period. *rolls eyes*).

Here I am now, writing a 50 page blog post about my horrible day…while suddenly finding the humor in all of it. I’m still irritated as hell with today, but I’ve managed to get through it, as expected. I really just needed to vent and I’m glad I did.

If you read all of this, you are the real MVP. If not, I don’t really care! 🙂